13 March 2010

Australorps...and Chickens too

Wolf and I have been thinking about getting chickens as our first true farm animal since we decided the Taj wasn't for us.  Knowing me (I do research on everything), I started looking at chickens on my pet chicken, which I discovered through craigslist (odd...) and have continued that research through McMurray Hatchery.  I really enjoy both of these websites and the information they provide, which is surprisingly in depth (It really shouldn't be surprising considering that is their lively hood...either way I still found it surprising...that the internet would have such vast information on farming...silly me....)

Initially, I was very much in love with silkies.

I mean really, how could you not love something 
this white fluffy and cute.

But after I found out their laying and eating potential, they just didn't seem like the right breed for us.  As of right NOW there are no, none, nada, zip, zero chickens on the farm.  While our land lords have old chicken coops, they have yet to buy chickens. (Which by the way baffles me...I mean, oh nevermind.....) 

Anyway, I decided and have convinced Wolf (well, really he came to this decision on his own, but I am sure my many days of touting how magnificent they are probably  helped!) and I have come to the decision that Australorps  are the best chickens for us.

Black Australorps

They are heavy layers, good eats, docile, cold hearty, liked to be cooped up, and flat out pretty.  I've adored their gorgeous black and iridescent feathers since I first laid eyes on them.

Now that we have the right breed, we just have to find or build a coop.

Oh, boy....