13 March 2010

Green acres and all

Yep, we're moving...again.  That is another story....

Wolf and I found a bit of farm land for rent.  Finally.  It's beautiful, even in the dead of winter.  The land slopes down from the house and meets up with the now red clay country mud that is repeatedly carved to be a road.  The land climbs back up and meets with the neighboring property, another little farm.  That ones for sale too.  The view is just gorgeous, the mountains tumble before your eyes and the sky is expansive and full.  I can already see the paddocks for the goats and their run in, the chickens and their coop, the cows and their barn.  And yes, on this 12 acres there may even be room for a horse.

However, sacrifices will have to be made.  We're moving out of the Taj Mahal and into well, a work in progress.  At least I can customize the walls, floors, paint, and all.  Yes, that is how much work it needs.  Am I willing to do it?  With Wolf's help and a little gumption I am certain I can get it done.  At least that's the idea now.

I'd move out of the Taj any day for the amount of freedom we will be gaining in the ability to do whatever we want. happy wife here!

Now, I just have to get the internet up and running.....that may prove to be a bit more challenging.