17 March 2010

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Courtesy of Wikipedia

I'd never really sat down and THOUGHT about St. Patrick day before.  I just knew you had to wear green (or bet the crap pinched out of you) and drink beer (primarily Gueiness - the thought of that just makes my stomach roll...ugh).  Actually there is quite a little history to St. Paddy's day (I can't spell Patrick to save my life....)

Blue was actually the original color of St. Pat's day.  The associate of the clover with St. Pat is he used the clover to explain the trinity to the pagans (which is slightly brilliant, but also misleading.  I promise I will try not to delve into spiritual matters, well only when ABSOLUTELY necessary....)  And the reason for all that drinking is a break in Lent.  It's been forever since I've participated in Lent...  Well, that makes more sense....sort of....

But how does that explain this:

I use to go to Savannah regularly and I happened to go one year right around St. Paddys.  I have a Dublin T-shirt (because I use to be a hard core fan of an Irish Band, but not anymore....)  and people kept shouting out at me (while I was wearing this green T-shirt) and I could not figure out WHY.  I later learned it was due to St. Paddy's and their lovely dyed green fountains gave it away.  Though I still don't quite get that.

Hummm...I might pull a fast one on Wolf and dye our milk green.  That would be kind of funny (and slightly disgusting)....I'll have to let you know how that goes.

Have a Happy Saint Patrick's Day!  Go Green!! And sustainable!!!