14 March 2010

Monica is Sick and Other Random Sunday Thoughts

Our truck Monica is most definitely SICK.

She's a beaut' ain't she?

She is spewing black smoke, squeaking, and before Wolf did something with the plugs, she wouldn't even idle.  He is working on it, all I can do is sit there and stare at the gloriously loud roaring engine and look bewildered.  I do wish I knew something more than how to check the oil regarding a car.

But I don't.  I think I am in love with the idea of being a sexy female mechanic.  But I guess there is nothing really sexy about crazy hair, grease, monotone coveralls, and smelling of gas on a regular basis.  Okay, so I'm definitely in like with the idea, but putting it into practice would take that idea to a whole other level of some place I'd rather dreamily visit than actually make it a reality.

Rowdy is laying by my feet looking out the door way, towards the sounds of sick Monica being worked on and is being adorable and quiet.  She is a very well suited farm dog.

Today, I am hoping to go explore the barn.  I've been rather tentative in my meanderings....I'm not sure just why...  I love this place and feel right at home.  I suppose it takes me a little time to encompass the whole 12 acres as "ours".  But I'm getting over that.  Blogging about this odd, funny, and strange experience is helping.

Wolf and I are about to DIE to get chickens in.  I would rather have the goats, but really with vacations coming up, it might be best to wait...just a little.  Not to mention we are lacking in the fundage department from moving and eating out and having to buy drinks because we didn't have any water.

I'm really wanting to get a fence up for the chickens and for this guy:

I dream about him.
Dontchya just want to cuddle the heck out of him?
Look at his ADOREABLE wrinkly head...awwwwww....

He's an Anatolian Shepherd.  They are lovely, calm, HUGE, protective dogs.  I fell in love with this giant breed when I met Bou, my former Super's Dog.  I remember him quietly stepping out of the van and letting me pat his head.  He was wise, quiet, adorable, enormous, and he stole my heart.  He died the year I was working for my Super.  It was heart wrenching; however, I can't say that I was sorry to meet him.

Uh-ho....Monica isn't starting...I think I'll go lend some moral support!!!