13 March 2010



After 9 trips in our old new truck (who I immediately named Monica), we are finally moved in.  Which was no easy feat climbing up and down a 45 degree angle driveway (probably 30, but I'm not measuring). I can't complain, we were able to back right up to the porch and off load everything - including our GIANORMOUS refrigerator.  Man that thing is ridiculous.  It was free.  But we had to take the doors off to get it in.

So here I am on our little cooperative farm.  Our plumbing is sketchy...none of the sinks work quite right.  I should take some plumbing classes or's just that whole...poop thing that messes with me.  Oh, I could fix the drains, sure.  But once a good solid chuck of festering human poo plopped on my face and landed in my mouth, it would ALL be over. (Bit too graphic, wasn't it).  So for now, I am relegated to brushing my teeth via the bathtub, which is better than having no water at all.  Which was the case for a few days.

I have never slept better in my life.  I don't know what it is!  I think it is the absolute silence here.  Or the peacefulness I feel here.  Either way I wake up feeling drugged.  It is so good that I slur my words when talking to Chris, the couple of times he has come to bed after me.

It. is. delicious.  The silence that is....we are currently lacking in the food department....

I am trying to think of ways to cut down on waste: like food packaging, dryer sheets, those type of money saving, self-sustaining things....any suggestions??