13 March 2010

Peanut Butter Driveway

After 6 or more days of glorious blue clouds and sunshine (that I basked in at every possible moment, while thinking about how much I was probably going to burn my pale skin if I continued to enjoy the UV rays sans 40+ sunscreen), I am not entirely thrilled about the monsoon that hit the farm today. wasn't REALLY a monsoon...not in the tidal wave crashing over the retaining wall type of way.  But the over cast sky and gloomy weather has been enough to put me to sleep in the middle of the day, twice.  I normally try not to take naps in the middle of the day (unless I'm just drooling from exhaustion, which has sadly happened) because it messes with your circadian rhythm and everything else.  Plus my naps are historically about 5 hours long.  Yes, they are ridiculously long...but oh sometimes SO worth it.

I digress.

Wolf and I (after rousing from a long winters rest) struck out for some supplies.  Yes, SUPPLIES and we had to make a trip INTO town.  Monica has been spitting and sputtering, so we took Holly.  Holly the Honda.  HONDA.

We had no problem getting down, she did better than Monica.  Who fishtailed all over the place and made me grab for the non-existent "oh hell!" handle.  That's what Wolf calls it anyway.  Never knew it had a name.  Merrily we go, get our.

Coming back was perfect...until we reached Peanut Butter Driveway.  Wolf guns the little four cylinder and we ram it up the newly-bladed-has-no-gravel-driveway.  He give it hell.  He drives left. Holly goes right.  He mashes the gas harder.  She spins her tires.  We quickly concur this is NOT going to happen.  So we take a different approach.

Peanut Butter Driveway

There is another 'back' driveway, which Monica the truck could make it up that isn't as steep as Peanut Butter Driveway.  We search for the unfamiliar driveway and turn into the mud encrusted over grown drive and give it hell again.  Holly just slides down the embankment.  I am not sure HOW we didn't get stuck.  Wolf's got some serious driving skills.

Befuddled, we park at the last remaining safe spot, the barn.  Unfortunately, we now have all of that supplies to carry up the hill to our lovely new home.  At first we couldn't see anything.  So we were literally walking uphill blind in the dark and rain through briers, underbrush, poop, and God knows what else.  But we got everything in.  We did.  Twice.  In the dark. In the rain.  In the briers.  I'm just glad I've been walking the land a little to get an idea of where everything is.

We got everything in safe and sound.  Except a few hair ties.  And of course, Holly.