25 March 2010


Well hello there. Let's get reacquainted shall we?

Okay, so you know we live in the middle-of-nowheres-ville and do not have access to most of the commodities that normal 'city folk' do. This, unfortunately, includes the beloved a point. We installed our very own satelite for the internet (ya who knew you could do that...scary, isn't it!) to get the internet. Unfortunately, they also want (after a pretty penny for pole installation) a very hefty sum (think 3 goats or a mini-donkey) for the equiptment, that apparently we now own and have to pay for.

Annoying how these things work, isn't it?

So, until then I can only access my posting via the little blog button on my web tool bar. Forgive me for massive weirdness in my postings and my general chaos.

On the less the technical side, the chicks are doing brilliantly. I often here them 'chatting' back and forth to one another. It is a comforting and homey sound. I relish it. I know we will probably never have dibs (chicks) in our house again - unless of course there is an emergency. Which would mean the momma hen died and all of the other hens refused to take over...I don't really for see that happening.

I check on them about every 4 hours or so and handle them all twice a day. By handle, I mean I touch each one of them to get them use to human contact and interaction. I shift them from their little brooder to a tiny box (they are already trying to fly out of it, flapping their dark tiny wings. it's adorable.) and pet them all. I speak to the little chicks in soothing tones, slowly earning their trust. They are losing their down on their wings and their gorgeous dark feathers are beginning to appear. (I love the sound feathers make when you run your finger across them. Delightful and calming.) Today, they did not run from my hand when I put it in their brooder. There is one in particular (a potential show bird?) that stares at my hand and is very docile when I pick him or her up. They make me smile. A lot.

I do wish I had a way to distinguish them. I have seriously thought about painting their toenail red, but I think the other birds would peck it too much. If I can find my black nail polish I will paint my 5 favorite birds nails black daily or back of their leg or something. I just want to see if the chicks I adore now are the adult birds I will love in the future. The smallest, chicken little (original, right?) is a fast little bird who darts around the brooder as though I am going to hurt him. It makes me giggle.

On an icky note, I have a horrible cold. Wolf insists on feeding me Alka-Seltzer. Have you tasted that stuff!!! BLECH! What I can taste anyway. I'm hoping he will be merciful and buy the tablets (that drinkable stuff is wicked on my stomach). I really can't complain too much though; it, much to my dismay and surprise, works wonders on my evil cold.

It is just sad. I have a netflix movie for the lord n lady as well as homemade cinnamon rolls and fried pickles (country!!! and if you haven't had those, you need to make them immediately.), but I was much to under-the-weather to walk up the hill to drop everything off. I feel like a right jerk too! I told them I would bring them the movie and didn't. I know it isn't a big deal to them, but I go to pieces when people do that crap to me. Yes, I am a neurotic pariniod freak, but hey, who isn't these days!

I'm hoping my seeds (the 9 million packets I ordered) will come soon. I told the lord n lady about the mountain of melon seeds I had ordered (jokingly - more like where the h am I going to PUT all of these!) and the next day the lord tilled me out a melon patch. To which I spent most of the day freaking out about because I thought they were intending to plant there. See, pariod. Gotta be an herb for that!

Hopefully we will get the floor laid the week-end and possibly pick out some paint! Onward!!!..........sans the cold...ugh....