16 March 2010

Strange Things in the Ground

I was gardening this morning (and by morning I mean well after 9am, more like 3pm - Wolf works second shift and while we are trying to start getting up at a reasonable hour (like 11), it simply hasn't been happening.  Partially because for some reason Wolf thought it would be a good idea to take sleeping pills last night though I haven't had trouble sleeping.  Maybe I've been looking really tired.  Strange.  I don't know...I've been avioding mirrors - don't ask.) and noticed the blooming daffodils..

They're so cute and so in the wrong spot.  I actually picked the little buggers and plopped them in a cup to spruce up the currently swamped kitchen table.

They are right smack in the middle of my new gardening patch.  I mean this baby is PERFECT! (when I figure out how to get pictures (ie use Wolf's camera... or get the phone to upload some yeah right...I might as well be trying to speak Chinese... - it's impossible to upload anything from here....)

It is a dark rich each surrounded by old (rotting) railroad ties.  Unfotunately some baby pines (I wont even tell you what horrible name Wolf has for them...whew) have also taken up residence there.  I can't pull all of them up.

I mean I guess I could be really adventurous by forcing Monica to start (snort), backing her up (oooh, lordy something would die), attatching a tow strap (whatever that is), hooking it to the tree (however you do that without losing an eye), gunning Monica, throwing her in gear, and yanking those annoying little buggers right out of the beautiful earth our little plants are going to inhabit.

Yeah, right.  I'd rather not be THAT adventurous.

All I can envision is shattering glass and a black eye.  Hooray! Not only would the truck NOT run, but it would no longer be weather proof.  So, I shoveled mightily into the ground, grunting at the roots and pulled up two.  Which Rowdy promptly attacked and probably devoured.

She's gotten really bad about that.  The attacking part.  Whenever I pull something out of the ground, she's all snapping fangs and ready to kill.  She actually nipped my hand last week.  So, I don't let her as close now....but she still sneaks up on me.  Little bugger.

I digress.

In addition to the pine trees and crazy JRT root loving dog, there are these strange tubers growing there.  They look like pale carrots or orangish parsnips, but they don't have the same greens as carrots (At least I think they don't!); I am guessing they are some kind of flower.  Obviously a far I haven't been able to figure out what they are exactly.  I just know there were a TON of them.

Strange Tubers

Man, my fingers are sore from losing my trowel in the move and not wearing any gardening gloves.  Which is going to have to stop...sometime soon...

I love to feel the dark rich earth in my warm hands.  Feeling the sun beat (bake) down on my shoulders and warm me.  The earth cold beneath my knees.  It was blissful.  The sun.  The soil.  The crazy dog.  Ahhh....

Except now I have some exceptional sore fingertips!

I suppose that is the price I am going to pay for idealistic gardening and plain old stupidity.  Ah well, no harm, no foul.