13 March 2010


I am fully convinced that I might be going a little off the deep end.  Basket case. Nutter.  The whole nine yards.  Nothing that would require some sort of psychotherapy (I really can't stand any type of therapy...and Wolf is in school to become a substance abuse counselor....ya God has a sense of humor...  What's brought this bought of bezerkness on?  The farm...well the preparation for it.

You see (yes, here comes the long explaination, so grab a cupper and settle in), I have a little Honda Accord.  Cute little two door coupe.  It is great on gas, it's effencent.  It's cute.

It will never make it up the driveway. Ever.

I will have to tote my boots in the trunk, always, sit on the lip of my trunk, slog them on, put them on and trade out what ever other shoes I had on.  Just. to. get. up. my driveway.   I'd like to be able to DRIVE on my DRIVEway.  See my point now?

Well, I want to see my car as is (which is embarrassing and sad) for a 1998 Ford flatbed truck.  Yep.  It's awesome.  But wait, dear reader, for the price of my car I will also be purchasing a 1988 matching trailer!!!  What MORE could a farmgirl ask for!?!?!

Makes sense to me.  Wolf seems on board. Now, just to find a buyer....any takers????

*gleeful hand rub*