03 April 2010

Be Nice or Be DINNER!

Yes, I am finally reconnected to the internet!!  I am finally UN-banished from the stone ages of cross-stitch and crocheting (neither of which I mind doing, I just prefer to do them at my own choice. not due to force!)  And truth be told, both can be very lonely type of activities when doing them alone, which is why I usually turn the radio on.  But let's be honest - there are only so many "BUY! BUY! BUY!" car commercials I can stand listening to in one sitting.

So back to the farm....

The chicks are two weeks old today and they look like semi fuzzy ugly counterparts of their adult selves.  They are not going to be flash or impressive, BUT they will lay eggs all year long (probably to the point of me being tired of eating eggs....  as if that would actually happen!!)  They have their wing feathers now, some of tail feathers, and a few of the "females" (I use that term VERY loosely) are starting to grow their combs.

The still run from me when I try and pick them up, but will sit in my palm once I get them calmed down.  I still have no clue what genders they are or how many of each gender each one is, which is at best frustrating and at the same time exciting.  Kind of like Christmas but with eggs!

It's been really hotter than the eighth gate of hades warm here and I am contemplating seizing the dogs' crate temporarily and putting the chickens in it without the pan in the bottom and letting them forage a little...if I could only find some grass instead of all these LEAVES!!!!

Can you tell that I've kind of fallen in love with the chickens???  I want to kiss them but I'm afraid of getting salmonella poisoning, chicken poo in my mouth, and being pecked on the lip.

We have begun clearing out the log house turned chicken coop, but it's a slow process. Mainly because we need to predator proof it and put up chicken wire.  And we've been up to our eye ball in work.

Thinking of work and naughty chickens, Wolf and I have been farm sitting. (It was a random friend of K, my sis-in-law) And boy, it has been a treat.  (Hear the sarcasm in my voice, oh it is there and it's THICK.)

The man we are sitting for has 50 to 75 chickens, ducks, geese, and I think there were a few quail there as well.  Yes, I do realize there is a 15 number difference, but when someone has a 4 foot fence with no protection, well you just get a vague idea of the masses you are try to feed.

All was going well when we arrived today.  We were motivated, had a day behind us and knew how to get the job done in a quick and efficent manner.  Wolf and I tackled feeding bread and chicken scratch to the chooks in the yard and then 5 cages that held penned up chickens.

I was walking around alone, happily tossing bread to the idillically clucking chickens, generally having a grand time when I saw him.  Satan., the bird from hell.  Satan (names have been altered to protect the identity of the chicken I can't remember the damn bird's name!!!!) is a bird that was found on the side of the road.  The owner of Happy Hen's Farm rescued him and brought him home.

Only to find out he is a prue bred cock fighting rooster.  (Can you see where this is going?  Don't spoil it for me ...okay?)

As I was removing eggs without getting the ever loving shit pecked out of me pecked by broody hens, Satan began slowly stalking me.  I looked at him chuckled and walked away.  Mistake.  I heard this commotion behind be of wings flapping and I realized Satan had attacked me! UNPROVOKED!!

Wolf laughed, but I was irritated now.  So, trying to shoo him off - because Wolf was wearing shorts I gently kicked at him.

Bad idea.

The little satanic rooster leaped in the air, beating his wings and stabbed me with his spurs.  Thrice!

I didn't think he'd hit me, but my leg -after being flogged- burned.  That's when I rolled up my pants leg and realized that the little prawn had spurred me thrice!

Needless to say, my leg is still throbbing, I have to go wrap a potentially crap gift for my Mom, and make Hot Cross Buns.  It'll all look better tomorrow...Wont it?  Ugh.....

Ada: "I wouldn't go near that rooster if I were you. He's the devil I'm sure of it. He's Lucifer himself."
Ruby: "Why I despise a flogging rooster! Let's put him in a pot!"

~Cold Mountain