24 April 2010

A Day on the Farm

11am : Wake-up
11.10am: Get up and find some clothes, sorting through the huge amount of unfolded but clean laundry. (I seem to be able to and enjoy the act of washing and drying clothes.  It's the folding them and putting them away part that I hate.)
11.30: Feed Reaper, Remmy, Rowdy, Surgeon in that order and the chickens if they need food.
12pm: Eat something semi-healthy and breakfasty, while catching up on my emails
1pm: Pack a lunch for Wolf
2pm: Say good buy to Wolf and see him off to work.
3pm: Check email again and wonder where all the stuff I ordered for the farm is going to arrive.  Check mail again and work with Rowdy on her off leash commands.
3.30pm: Water the herbs, check the melon garden to make sure it isn't destroyed. Check the octagon garden to make sure Rowdy hasn't pulled up any plants.  Check the random garden to see how much room we have left.  Water the Octogan and Random gardens.
4pm: Dream about goats, fencing, and an herb business
5pm: Gather supplies to plan, wonder if the Lord and Lady are home
5:10: Sit with chickens
5:40pm: Feed Surgeon again.
5:43pm: Walk Surgeon
6pm: Plant seeds like my butt is on FIRE.
6.30pm: Collapse in a tired heap on the couch.
7pm: Start on my school work
8pm: Work frantically
9.30pm: Start cooking dinner
11pm: Finish cooking dinner
11:30pm: Serve dinner and giggle as Wolf's eyes grow large with happiness and wonder.YAY!
12:00am: Put the left oversaway
12:30am: Chat with Wolf
1am: Relax, surf the net, catch up on blogs, play Sims2
2pm: Double check dead-lines for school, read, and relax.