27 April 2010

Dogs, Goats, and Rain

It's been pretty nasty weather out there today!  It's been cold and rainy so much so that I really didn't have the gumption to grit and bear my teeth and finish the rest of the chicken coop.  Not like there is much to do, I just have to cut a hole in the wall and zip-tie the fences together, and predator proof it somewhat.  Surgeon seems determined to stay in his rightful place in the shade by the chickens.

Oh yes, note the nasty fake shutter is gone --read shower curtain with rope-- that is because Surgeon has turned into a little mischeif maker.  He ripped the "curtain" down without blinking an eye.  I hate to see the predator that tries to cross that dog's path!  AHH!  After we got about 90% of the fencing done.  As we were walking away, I looked over and saw this....

Surgeon 15 Weeks Old

Our monster puppy was all tuckered out from all the excitement.  OH! That reminds me.... I am usually a bit nervous for people to meet my dogs.  Mainly because it doesn't go well.  Rowdy barks her head off at them and refuses to be nice ...she also has a tendency to jump and nip at people's hands...Which is proably my fault because I like for her to jump and touch her nose to my's our thing.  Well, with other people she's a  But that is nothing compared to Old Man Dog Remmy...oh nooooooo...he STILL attacks Surgeon (even though he's been here going on 3 whole weeks...moron dog) but he will crawl into anyones lap if he's alone and the other dogs don't see and proceed to attempt to make me jealous.  That dog is the most entertaining and completely ridiculous animal I have ever met.  And I love him to pieces.

What is surprising me though is how fond I am becoming of Surgeon.  He just makes me feel like no crazy-ass man-bear-rapist is going to come charging out of the woods all Deliverance like and proceed to hack me into edible pieces.  Yes, I AM paranoid thanks for asking.  

I think I have found our goats...they are colored nicely, registrable and best of all LA MANCHAS!!!! Which have become increasingly hard to find over the last month.....pft.  

I fell in love with La Mancha goat at last years regional fair.  I adore their odd and unique look and sweet, almost dog like temperaments.  And I knew then that I would have to have one.  Eventually a black and white one, because I am in love with all back and white animals.  I actually have a daydream from time to time that I have a herd of 50 to 100 animals running around on our farm and they are ALL black and white.  It looks like a herd of discombobulated zebras.   

Doeling, I hope to purchase.
I'm thinking of a name for her....trying not to get TOO attached YET.

Doe I hope to purchase.

I've gotta run the idea by Wolf just cause I don't want to do anything he isn't on board with, which has never happened but that is just the way I work folks.  Well, know by Friday WOOO!!

Update: We are going to wait until Friday (internal groan) to see what our funduatlations look like.  After all we have like 900 things we have to get done BEFORE we put a deposit on the goats.....a little bit of sadness.  

But not forever! :D