13 April 2010

Surgeon the Monster Puppy

Wolf and I have been looking for an Anatolian Shepherd every since we decided we really wanted to live on a farm.  Oh sure, we looking into Great Pyrenees, Bermes Mountain Dogs, Sheep Dogs, and a whole list of guard dogs, but we kept coming back to the gentle, calm Anatolian.

Well, we finally found a pup (because we didn't want an older dog to go after our small dogs or chickens) and a reputable breeder!  This is our new Anatolian, Surgeon!

Dontchya just wanna cuddle him to pieces?
Which is really easy to do since he's all teddy bear like!

Just two years ago, I got my first dog Rowdy.  She was really an experience for me.  Rowdy is wild, pushy, domineering, and to be honest probably a very wrong first dog for me.  I prefer a calm lay at your feet type dog - she isn't.  So this is my 3 dog (4th because my cat ACTS like a dog - he even comes when called!), and he is so very different from my hyperactive indoor dogs.

He emits a calming presence when you get near him, he is sweet and gentle.  He does not jump up and think he's licked me twice.  Surgeon has human eyes and a tolerant and caring personality.  I could not have created a more perfect dog.  I think I'm in love.

Just to give you an idea of his size....

Just ignore all my farm mess in the background there! UGH!

That is our FULL GROWN 2 year old Jack Chi is laying next to and if you read doggy behavior submitting.  Can you tell she isn't too happy about the new addition.  Ya, I wont post the pictures of her repeatedly showing her teeth to him.  But that's how she is, bitchy.

Look at that FACE!!!

Makes me want to sleep next to him at night.  And what's funny is that is how he will look his entire life...except much much bigger.  

Yep, I'm definitely in loooooooove!