16 April 2010

Wait. What?

So something strange, unusual and worthy of note happened today. Just now as a matter of fact.  Someone wanted to buy something from me!  One of my herbs!  I had no idea that people were being completely and utterly ripped off for organic, non-GMO, odd herbs.  And just think, I grew Milk Thistle for my dog!

Now, I don't expect to make a KILLING selling wormwood and yellow root, but if it covers the cost of my seeds, can I complain?

I don't want to get greedy, but I am curious!  However, I must admit that I will be sad to see the little plant go.  As well as some of our cockerels.   By the way, I took Wyatt (the OTHER big cockerel) out of the chicken coop to introduce him to Surgeon.  Who greeted him by licking him, something we are DEFINITELY going to have to work on.  But I try not to be too hard on the monster pup.  He's just curious.  As long as he does not become a killer, we're good.

I am wanting to send him to obedience school, but I am torn and wondering a little what the point is if he isn't going to be bred (I think we have may have decided against that or at least put the idea on hold as we cannot register him.).  I am thinking I would almost rather send him to be further trained as a livestock guardian.  It seems they cannot be both pet and guardian.  I wonder?

It's actually kind of funny.  If I chain him cringe  to where he can be close to the house he whines and wants to be closer, but if I can him to where he can only be near the chickens, he is quiet.  I wonder what that is saying?  Are we asking too much of him or is it easier for him to just be one thing?  Ack, I worry too much.  We need to get some goats in there with him, before I worry myself to death over him being lonely.  Which really shouldn't matter as they are an independent dog.....ack!