05 May 2010

Bumblina the Blender Brain

So lately, I've been thinking about the future.  What, YOU think a-ahead!!!  Yes, folks.  I think ahead....all. the. time.  Actually, in a distracting I'm not living on this earth kind of way...hum. 

And by future, I really mean babies.  Yes. That is right. I am veering off the farm bath and taking us right down baby lane.  Well, the cute non-medical parts of it anyway.  I'm not ready for the under bell of it yet!

I've been reading all about cloth diapers, breast feeding, co-sleeping, circumcision (I have a random/interesting/sad story about that), home birthing, hospital birthing, pregnancy, mind is endlessly devouring all that it can regarding pregnancy and birth.

And no, I'm not pregnant, but we do have a timeline now, which makes me VERY happy. Also, did you know some adoption agencies won't let you adopt after your 44!

Ah, yeah....Wolf is my elder, by many years.  14 actually.  I know, he so does not look it. *grin*

Anyway, I think that is a bit discriminatory....saying you can't adopt after a certain age.  I wonder if they would bend the rules or if it is hard and fast.

I get on this train of thought about twice a year.  I do really want a family and I know my time is running short.  I want 4 kids, but how can that happen after I'm 30....unless I had two set of twins.   Anyway, these thoughts have been bumbling around my brain.  And I really don't have room for them right now.  I'm hoping it's just a spring thing or all these baby animals coming to the farm.

OH! We ARE getting DUCKS!  We're going to put them in with the guineas.  Wolf and I saw a handful of them at our local farm supply store, but I don't know what was up with me.  I didn't even bother to ask how much they were...when just weeks before I was threatening if we saw them in Tractor Supply I was going to snatch them up...immediately. 

Ya, I'm a little crazified like that....