06 May 2010

Chicken Run

Apparently there is a current lull in our work here at the farm.  And there really isn't I'm just undecisive and lazy about a few I could be planing the rest of th herb garden, folding laundry, cleaning up a huge pile of dishes, throwing out bad frosting, taking out the trash, feeing the chickens... well, you get the picture.

I noticed too, that if I don't talk about SOME of my personal life here, then this just becomes a list of all the crap I'm going.  In essence, I become a braggart.  Which, is by all means a bit bad.  But really don't you have to bo sort of brag-ish to continue writing a blog?  Ah, a question for another day!!!

This morning, after reading the list of "this is what idiots should not feed chickens" list.  I broke out some grapes (which I've inadvertantly been hogging, cause I haven't see Wolf eat any) and took them out to the chickens.  Keep in mind they usually only get dry foods and have an OBSESSION for bread.  I walk around to the back of the fence so I can kneel down without being mauled my Monster Puppy and feed the chickens their treat of grapes.  Naturally, at first they were all very excited and pacing the fence thinking I had bread.  But when I popped a grape in, of course Earp (our rooster in command) "stole" the first one and began a game of chicken keep away.

He was the first to stare me down, the first to escape, the first to sit on my shoulder.  He's watchfully pacing up and down the chick run as I type.  I am hoping he will be an excellent rooster.  Not overzealous with the hens, but not lady either.  I suppose only time will really tell.

It's funny to watch them running up and down their new outdoor run with their new found "prize."  They run inside the coop trying to find a secure place and then back outside to get away from those chicks who have discovered them with their prize and are trying to take it away.  They still chirp like baby chicks, though each day I hear their voices getting hoarse.  They are fully feathered now and look like miniature versions of their adult selves.  I miss their fluffy black and yellow bodies, sleepy chick eyes, and quiet peeping in our house.

But I'm glad they can now 'stand on their own two feet' and don't need the helping warmth of the brooder light.  I'm also glad we are getting guineas and ducks next month.  That will be a busy month...ducks, guineas, goats.  I swear we should have called this place Noah's Ark Farm, but I like our actual name better.  Makes us sound a little less like religious nuts.

Gah it's hot and I think I may be a little dehydrated.  Time for a nap in our cool new AC!!