01 May 2010

Kilt? That's not ACTUALLY a real word. Is it?

It's been a short week here for me!  I've been keeping busy with school Thank GOD I finally got on some sort of schedule.  There for a while I didn't know weather to shit or go blind...*ha* as Wolf says.  Always makes me laugh, those odd country sayings... 

He still says somethings that don't make sense to me....

Par example

Me: I'm really tired.

Wolf: Ya, I'm kilt.

Me: You're WHAT? KILT? What the hell is that?  Like the thing Scottish people wear?

Wolf: *staring confused look*

Me: All tartany and stuff?  With underwear?

Wolf: No, babe, kilt!

Me: *confused look* Wha?

Wolf: KILT!

Me:  *furrowed thinking eye brows*

Wolf: KILT! You know, REALLY tired!

Me: OH! You mean KILLED!?

Wolf: Ya, kilt.

Me: *narrowed eyes of disbelief*

We're still working on it.....*ha!*