22 May 2010

Busy bees

Oh, still checking to see if I am alive!  Good on you!  

My apologies dear readers! Remember those many weeks of posts where I simply listed all of the things that were planned and I was simply waiting for the time to pass so that I could partake of the rewards of my labor?  Well, the plans have come to some serious fruition!

My, my, my...where to start!

The chickens are now even BIGGER (if you can possibly imagine that!) weighing in at about 5 lbs each.  They will be excellent eatings and I am looking forward to next month when we will finally have our very own EGGS!  WOO!  They are eating about 7lbs of food every three days.  Sadly, but necessarily I had to take the 3 other roosters out of the enclosed pen...the cockerls were starting to fight rather viciously among themselves.  Yes, I know they do not have spurs, BUT it wont be long before they do.  (When it was all 10 birds in the coop, they were consuming about 7lbs of feed every other day!)

Surge has been growing like a weed.  He is now 4 months and EASILY 50lbs!  He loves his bread, but nibbles on his food, not what I expected from a dog his size.  I guess his stomach hasn't had a chance to catch up with his legs!

Surge, 4 months.

He is incredibly protective of the chickens.  When I first let the cockerels out he would chase them, but that really is not in his nature and may of his more annoying behaviors are simply because he IS on a chain (for 2 more weeks, thank god) and needs to RUN.  

I was looking out the window, keeping an eye on my little flock, when I noticed our cat Reaper sneaking up to the chicken coop.  The cockerels have decided they will bed down underneath it at night.  It seemed Reaper was planning a midnight snack, which is fairly ridiculous because he is a horrible hunter.  Surgeon watched him approach from the comfort of his dog house the coop and never moved.  He continued watching, as did I. When Reaper came within about a foot of the coop, Surgeon sprang from his dog house and chased the cat away.  

I am not sure if he is trying to play with Reaper or if Surgeon knows the cat could be a real threat.  Either way, I smiled and fell more deeply in love with my ever watchful Anatolian.  My furry "shot-gun."

And finally, finally...we have our little keets!  They are SO MUCH smaller than our chicks were and some of them are 2 weeks old.  We have 1 Teddy Bear Pearl, 3 Pied Pearls, 1 Royal Purple, and 3 Pearl Guineas.  I think!  

I am very happy with them and they have finally gone to sleep for the night.  I love our dogs, but every time we bring a new type of poultry (or a see bantam dibs at my sister-in-laws farm) I fall in love with their soft fuzzy bodies, delicate feet, and tiny wings.  And not to mention their peeps are heart-wrenchingly wonderful.  I did not get "very" attached to the chickens, because they ARE a food source - that didn't stop me from sitting in front of their brooder for an hour every day or keep me from feeling a little heart-sick when I had to gather the three cockerels out of the hen house.