01 June 2010

Ah, summer is unofficial here.  At least, it suppose to be after memorial day, right?

Oh, my dear naive reader, you are so wrong.

It's monsoon season!  The reason I say this is because for the last two weeks we have reguarly gotten thunderstorms starting at 4 or 6 pm and ending at 8 or 10 pm.  I don't mean a little dribble or a little English mist.  I am talking about an Appalacian Thunder Storm.

It starts with a low distant rumbling that quickly crescendos to a house shaking rumble.  That has the cat looking at me going, "MOM!  Is that an okay noise?!"  After I make no move to do anything, he flops, head first upside down back on the couch.  Apparently comforted by my apathy.  Who knew sleeping on the top of your head could be comfortable.  He sure makes it look like the next Serta commercial ...or the ones I remember anyway, I haven't watched proper TV since March.

The guineas are growing like WEEDS!  I thought the chickens were growing fast - these little guys triple there size every week.  And a word of warning, if you are thinking guineas are like chickens and you want some: They are NOTHING like chickens.  I anticipated this, but whew, they are wild.  They are messier, startle more easily, and are more prone to peck you straight away.  They hate be handled and while they can be tamed it takes a lot of work and I would only recommended attempting one or two at a time.  I just have 7 and they seem like 14!

I am very eager to get my goat babies home, we are nearly finished with the fence and have about 1/4 left to do.  Yes, of course it is the FRONT side of the fence that we see every day that isn't done, but no matter, we will get it done before the kids arrive.

Surgeon has gotten into the bad habit of jumping and....ahem...poking me.  Apparently he finds it HIGHLY amusing to shove his broad nose right the back of my crotch!  Glad I live on a farm and no one else can see him doing this.  I think for now my best bet is to ignore him - but how do you IGNORE a poker!  ugh...