17 June 2010

Yes, yes...I am alive!

As usual life has gotten away from me.  That seems to happen in the summer to me the most.  That is a strange thought because most, if not all, of the major holidays are in the fall and winter.  Why is it then, that I enjoy each day so much that I often want to simply sit outside and soak up the sun.  Well, I would except then I really WOULD smell like a hippie (I already look like one!) and probably end up with some form of horrible skin cancer (which seems somewhat inevitable.)

On the farm: We have delayed getting the goats one more month sadness. Because our Tolie is still a little too much puppy - I really think he just likes to push the boundaries and be naughty and mess with poor chicken brains.  It is kind of funny to see the sheer delight on his face.  He wont kill it, he just likes to take the poor thing's tail feathers out.  Naughty!  But we are going on vacation! THANK GOD!  And I am REALLY uncomfortable leaving him home alone with TWO new goats. Not to mention they would be scared out of their little goat brains.  I am really hoping all will go well in that situation.

On the school front:  I was scheduled to take the math part of the Praxis at the beginning of this month, but didn't have a proper ID, so I couldn't do it.  Not that I was heart broken, but next week I have to take the reading and writing part of the Praxis.  I am not going to sweat it.  I think 20 years of school has probably prepared me pretty sufficient and if not, I'll hit the books!

Personally:  We are trying to conceive!  There I've ANNOUNCED it to the world!  So, my dear and faithful reader, forgive me again for having my head in the clouds as I often do and not being an ever faithful blogger.  On a high point, I did inspire some one else to blog - so I was blogging...kind of?  Okay, no that doesn't count.  But you can still forgive me for being head-in-the-clouds Jen while I am over whelmed by all things baby.  Strangely, I find it odd even saying anything aloud.  I am waiting for people to frown and tell me NO!  But I guess they really can't; our life, our decision.

Obsession: Another Anatolian!  I don't know what it is about those dang dogs, but I am COMPLETELY in love.  Yes, I will admit: I have been wanting to breed dogs since I was....12.  My grandfather did it and I suppose because I carry his name (sort of) I want to do so as well.  So, I am hoping to pacify myself by fostering a dog at no cost to the farm, well except for may be gas.  Please don't kill me Wolf!  I haven't said yes, but I haven't said no.  There are SO many that need somewhere to go.  Because of their large size places don't want to hold them for long.  And there are only 3,000 in the US and some of them are being euthanasized!  I don't even understand how people can not want this dog.  Wolf will say: You can't save them all.  No, I can't save everyone. Though God knows I would adopt everything and turn into a crazy animal lady if I could.  However, I can make a difference in ONE Anatolian's life.  If I can save ONE at a time from being killed by people who do not understand the breed or are too stupid to see the absolute wonder of these dogs then I will.  It's heart breaking for me in a way though, I fall in love with all of them, but I only have room for one more.  ....for now anyway!