25 July 2010


So I have both happy and sad news today.  I wish you had a voice today dear faithful reader, because it would be nice to hear your thoughts on what I'm about to write.  I also wish you could decided if you wanted to hear the good or bad news first.  I suppose I will have to decide for you and since I like to end on happy notes, I'll proffer the bad news first.

It's going to be cut and dry.

Brace yourself.....................ready?

We lost our black and white goat, Annie Oakley today.

To be honest, I'm a bit heartsick about it.  No, she never came to IAS Farms.  And no, I never got to feel her lashes against my palm or her goaty gum on my finger tips or hear her baaaaing for food.  Actually, I never even had a chance to touch her and got so few updates that you would think that my heart would feel free not crimped with a loss I really never knew.

She fell ill last Sunday from what I understand and the lady who she was staying with for one more month brought her inside and was watching over her...trying to nurse her back to health.  But whatever ailed her, she could not save her and she passed away earlier today.

However, I can't be all sorrow.  The Anatolian female I have been looking for finally found us!  Her name is Jasmine (minor GAG), she is a wonderful and young 4 year old, unaltered AKC female that we found for a riduclously low price.

Her owner is moving to the suburbs and is selling ALL of his working dogs.  I put an ad up on craigslist (which I do from time to time, because I have had the idea of sustaining our ASD and working dog population for sometime now, not to mention they are a tradable commodity) and I got an OVERWHELMING response!  I usually get will trade fors or an add for a cross but I had 4 people respond with purebred and some altered male and female dogs - it was really remarkable! WOO!

The only thing I worry about is that her hips and elbows have not been certified, neither has her thyroid, and she isn't micro-chipped.  All of these things can be fixed, but I still worry....of course.