13 August 2010

Oh Sheep!

Today, I am trying to beat the heat by staying in our heat-proofed bedroom.  We thankfully got a second airconditioner, which has made being in the house nice.  Before we had a second window unit, I would spend most of my days sitting with as little clothing on as possible in front of our only air conditioner in the kitchen all day.  Even then I would STILL sweat!

When it's so hot outside the air seems to shimmer and blaze with the particles of too much ground up dust.  And the dogs look too hot and tired and weary of the heat to pant, all I want to do is sleep this cloudless day away.  The Brazilian's have it right, they sleep after lunch from noon until two to avoid doing an activity during such hot hours.

I am sputtering with several forms of anxiety.  I am still shuddering at the thought of taking the math Praxis, but more and more I am realizing no matter what to continue on the path that I am on I will have to make myself do it and that thought alone makes my heart flutter wildy in my chest.

My other anxiety is we have 4 heads of livestock coming in just eight days and we have do much preparing to do before they get here even starting to MAKE the list makes my hands tremble.  I know they will fill our farm with new and unusual sounds and they have been a long time coming.

I am most excited about the sheep.  They are considered a hertiage breed, Jacob's sheep and are rated as "recovering."  I am most interested in breeding them and building up a nice line of lambs next spring.  I, perhaps in vain, and trying to convince the hubby we need to add one more sheep, a ram lamb.  I don't think with so much coming in he is ready to accept that idea yet!

We have also directed our focus on Anatolain Shepherds.  We recently welcomed a female purebred AKC girl to the farm.  Princess Jasmine (NOT a name I would have picked, the surupy sweetness of it nearly makes me gag everytime I write it!)

Sitting Pretty.

She is very sweet and always greets me at the gate when I go to feed.  She has even started protecting me from Surge's antics when I sit with them.  Jazz simply stands there between me and the giant wild puppy.

We plan to breed her to a suitable approved AKC male (if we can find one for a reasonable price!) in October of 2011.  At 5 years old, it will be her last litter.  We hope to retain a female pup and if we can find Surge's parent's lineage, we may be breeding that pup to him.

Eventually, we may get into dog showing, but that may not be until I am in my late forties once the kids have flown the coop.  But we fully entend to show our gorgeous sheep Anica and our magnificent does Lachesis & CJ.