20 October 2010

Shooter Jen

Dear Readers,

A bear or bears have been perusing our area since about mid-June.  Mr. Bear killed the Lord and Lady's wether and has also been attempting to maul our across-the-way neighbors dog, apparently for a midnight snack.  Several cats have gone missing - so there is something hungry with a taste for pets out there.

I do not doubt that Mr. & Mrs. Bear live in the 10,000 acres that our property borders (I love telling people that by the way.  Along with a few other hungry creatures.  Although, I really don't think this is a bear attacking.  Black bears aren't so much the Grizzly type.  I mean, I have lived in this part of the mountains for the last 10 years and have only ever seen 2.  One was a mama with 3 cubs - they use to come down to the college dumpster and get free meals. 

I digress...

I believe it is a mountain lion attacking our across the way neighbors and a bear meandering around these parts looking for a free goat meal.  Not on my watch!

All that being said, Wolf decided it was high time for me to get a rifle and learn how to shoot it.  I am not opposed to the idea - I'm all about some Calamity Jen and Jenny get your Gun - ways of the old west type of thing.  So, he bought me a slightly loved Winchester 290 .22 Rifle. And you have no idea how proud I am of myself that I can actually remember all that gun speak!

He took me practice shooting to the flat behind our farm - we were hoping to see one of our nemesis up there (aka the bear or whatever has been terrorizing the area).  I shot some shorts at a few of our late crop sad and tiny Charleston Gray watermelons.  That was neat.  And THEN, I shot some hollow points and the watermelons.  Now, that - that was FUN!  You see the shorts are such small bullets that they have to be manually ejected via the loading bolt dangerous, but the hollow points do not.  And they EXPLODE their target!  The first melon I shot cracked open deliciously with instant gratification.  Perfectly marvelous. 

After I came down off my adrinaline high (after looking for some live game) we called it temporary quits.

Until we found the chicken culprit....
Death to opossum