13 March 2010

Black Chickens.......and a coop!!!!!

And now a word from Wolf:

Well black is definitely my favorite color and I have found the perfect coop design as well.

Australorps...and Chickens too

Wolf and I have been thinking about getting chickens as our first true farm animal since we decided the Taj wasn't for us.  Knowing me (I do research on everything), I started looking at chickens on my pet chicken, which I discovered through craigslist (odd...) and have continued that research through McMurray Hatchery.  I really enjoy both of these websites and the information they provide, which is surprisingly in depth (It really shouldn't be surprising considering that is their lively hood...either way I still found it surprising...that the internet would have such vast information on farming...silly me....)

Initially, I was very much in love with silkies.

I mean really, how could you not love something 
this white fluffy and cute.

But after I found out their laying and eating potential, they just didn't seem like the right breed for us.  As of right NOW there are no, none, nada, zip, zero chickens on the farm.  While our land lords have old chicken coops, they have yet to buy chickens. (Which by the way baffles me...I mean, oh nevermind.....) 

Anyway, I decided and have convinced Wolf (well, really he came to this decision on his own, but I am sure my many days of touting how magnificent they are probably  helped!) and I have come to the decision that Australorps  are the best chickens for us.

Black Australorps

They are heavy layers, good eats, docile, cold hearty, liked to be cooped up, and flat out pretty.  I've adored their gorgeous black and iridescent feathers since I first laid eyes on them.

Now that we have the right breed, we just have to find or build a coop.

Oh, boy....

Peanut Butter Driveway

After 6 or more days of glorious blue clouds and sunshine (that I basked in at every possible moment, while thinking about how much I was probably going to burn my pale skin if I continued to enjoy the UV rays sans 40+ sunscreen), I am not entirely thrilled about the monsoon that hit the farm today. wasn't REALLY a monsoon...not in the tidal wave crashing over the retaining wall type of way.  But the over cast sky and gloomy weather has been enough to put me to sleep in the middle of the day, twice.  I normally try not to take naps in the middle of the day (unless I'm just drooling from exhaustion, which has sadly happened) because it messes with your circadian rhythm and everything else.  Plus my naps are historically about 5 hours long.  Yes, they are ridiculously long...but oh sometimes SO worth it.

I digress.

Wolf and I (after rousing from a long winters rest) struck out for some supplies.  Yes, SUPPLIES and we had to make a trip INTO town.  Monica has been spitting and sputtering, so we took Holly.  Holly the Honda.  HONDA.

We had no problem getting down, she did better than Monica.  Who fishtailed all over the place and made me grab for the non-existent "oh hell!" handle.  That's what Wolf calls it anyway.  Never knew it had a name.  Merrily we go, get our.

Coming back was perfect...until we reached Peanut Butter Driveway.  Wolf guns the little four cylinder and we ram it up the newly-bladed-has-no-gravel-driveway.  He give it hell.  He drives left. Holly goes right.  He mashes the gas harder.  She spins her tires.  We quickly concur this is NOT going to happen.  So we take a different approach.

Peanut Butter Driveway

There is another 'back' driveway, which Monica the truck could make it up that isn't as steep as Peanut Butter Driveway.  We search for the unfamiliar driveway and turn into the mud encrusted over grown drive and give it hell again.  Holly just slides down the embankment.  I am not sure HOW we didn't get stuck.  Wolf's got some serious driving skills.

Befuddled, we park at the last remaining safe spot, the barn.  Unfortunately, we now have all of that supplies to carry up the hill to our lovely new home.  At first we couldn't see anything.  So we were literally walking uphill blind in the dark and rain through briers, underbrush, poop, and God knows what else.  But we got everything in.  We did.  Twice.  In the dark. In the rain.  In the briers.  I'm just glad I've been walking the land a little to get an idea of where everything is.

We got everything in safe and sound.  Except a few hair ties.  And of course, Holly.



After 9 trips in our old new truck (who I immediately named Monica), we are finally moved in.  Which was no easy feat climbing up and down a 45 degree angle driveway (probably 30, but I'm not measuring). I can't complain, we were able to back right up to the porch and off load everything - including our GIANORMOUS refrigerator.  Man that thing is ridiculous.  It was free.  But we had to take the doors off to get it in.

So here I am on our little cooperative farm.  Our plumbing is sketchy...none of the sinks work quite right.  I should take some plumbing classes or's just that whole...poop thing that messes with me.  Oh, I could fix the drains, sure.  But once a good solid chuck of festering human poo plopped on my face and landed in my mouth, it would ALL be over. (Bit too graphic, wasn't it).  So for now, I am relegated to brushing my teeth via the bathtub, which is better than having no water at all.  Which was the case for a few days.

I have never slept better in my life.  I don't know what it is!  I think it is the absolute silence here.  Or the peacefulness I feel here.  Either way I wake up feeling drugged.  It is so good that I slur my words when talking to Chris, the couple of times he has come to bed after me.

It. is. delicious.  The silence that is....we are currently lacking in the food department....

I am trying to think of ways to cut down on waste: like food packaging, dryer sheets, those type of money saving, self-sustaining things....any suggestions??


I am fully convinced that I might be going a little off the deep end.  Basket case. Nutter.  The whole nine yards.  Nothing that would require some sort of psychotherapy (I really can't stand any type of therapy...and Wolf is in school to become a substance abuse counselor....ya God has a sense of humor...  What's brought this bought of bezerkness on?  The farm...well the preparation for it.

You see (yes, here comes the long explaination, so grab a cupper and settle in), I have a little Honda Accord.  Cute little two door coupe.  It is great on gas, it's effencent.  It's cute.

It will never make it up the driveway. Ever.

I will have to tote my boots in the trunk, always, sit on the lip of my trunk, slog them on, put them on and trade out what ever other shoes I had on.  Just. to. get. up. my driveway.   I'd like to be able to DRIVE on my DRIVEway.  See my point now?

Well, I want to see my car as is (which is embarrassing and sad) for a 1998 Ford flatbed truck.  Yep.  It's awesome.  But wait, dear reader, for the price of my car I will also be purchasing a 1988 matching trailer!!!  What MORE could a farmgirl ask for!?!?!

Makes sense to me.  Wolf seems on board. Now, just to find a buyer....any takers????

*gleeful hand rub*

Green acres and all

Yep, we're moving...again.  That is another story....

Wolf and I found a bit of farm land for rent.  Finally.  It's beautiful, even in the dead of winter.  The land slopes down from the house and meets up with the now red clay country mud that is repeatedly carved to be a road.  The land climbs back up and meets with the neighboring property, another little farm.  That ones for sale too.  The view is just gorgeous, the mountains tumble before your eyes and the sky is expansive and full.  I can already see the paddocks for the goats and their run in, the chickens and their coop, the cows and their barn.  And yes, on this 12 acres there may even be room for a horse.

However, sacrifices will have to be made.  We're moving out of the Taj Mahal and into well, a work in progress.  At least I can customize the walls, floors, paint, and all.  Yes, that is how much work it needs.  Am I willing to do it?  With Wolf's help and a little gumption I am certain I can get it done.  At least that's the idea now.

I'd move out of the Taj any day for the amount of freedom we will be gaining in the ability to do whatever we want. happy wife here!

Now, I just have to get the internet up and running.....that may prove to be a bit more challenging.