25 March 2010


Well hello there. Let's get reacquainted shall we?

Okay, so you know we live in the middle-of-nowheres-ville and do not have access to most of the commodities that normal 'city folk' do. This, unfortunately, includes the beloved a point. We installed our very own satelite for the internet (ya who knew you could do that...scary, isn't it!) to get the internet. Unfortunately, they also want (after a pretty penny for pole installation) a very hefty sum (think 3 goats or a mini-donkey) for the equiptment, that apparently we now own and have to pay for.

Annoying how these things work, isn't it?

So, until then I can only access my posting via the little blog button on my web tool bar. Forgive me for massive weirdness in my postings and my general chaos.

On the less the technical side, the chicks are doing brilliantly. I often here them 'chatting' back and forth to one another. It is a comforting and homey sound. I relish it. I know we will probably never have dibs (chicks) in our house again - unless of course there is an emergency. Which would mean the momma hen died and all of the other hens refused to take over...I don't really for see that happening.

I check on them about every 4 hours or so and handle them all twice a day. By handle, I mean I touch each one of them to get them use to human contact and interaction. I shift them from their little brooder to a tiny box (they are already trying to fly out of it, flapping their dark tiny wings. it's adorable.) and pet them all. I speak to the little chicks in soothing tones, slowly earning their trust. They are losing their down on their wings and their gorgeous dark feathers are beginning to appear. (I love the sound feathers make when you run your finger across them. Delightful and calming.) Today, they did not run from my hand when I put it in their brooder. There is one in particular (a potential show bird?) that stares at my hand and is very docile when I pick him or her up. They make me smile. A lot.

I do wish I had a way to distinguish them. I have seriously thought about painting their toenail red, but I think the other birds would peck it too much. If I can find my black nail polish I will paint my 5 favorite birds nails black daily or back of their leg or something. I just want to see if the chicks I adore now are the adult birds I will love in the future. The smallest, chicken little (original, right?) is a fast little bird who darts around the brooder as though I am going to hurt him. It makes me giggle.

On an icky note, I have a horrible cold. Wolf insists on feeding me Alka-Seltzer. Have you tasted that stuff!!! BLECH! What I can taste anyway. I'm hoping he will be merciful and buy the tablets (that drinkable stuff is wicked on my stomach). I really can't complain too much though; it, much to my dismay and surprise, works wonders on my evil cold.

It is just sad. I have a netflix movie for the lord n lady as well as homemade cinnamon rolls and fried pickles (country!!! and if you haven't had those, you need to make them immediately.), but I was much to under-the-weather to walk up the hill to drop everything off. I feel like a right jerk too! I told them I would bring them the movie and didn't. I know it isn't a big deal to them, but I go to pieces when people do that crap to me. Yes, I am a neurotic pariniod freak, but hey, who isn't these days!

I'm hoping my seeds (the 9 million packets I ordered) will come soon. I told the lord n lady about the mountain of melon seeds I had ordered (jokingly - more like where the h am I going to PUT all of these!) and the next day the lord tilled me out a melon patch. To which I spent most of the day freaking out about because I thought they were intending to plant there. See, pariod. Gotta be an herb for that!

Hopefully we will get the floor laid the week-end and possibly pick out some paint! Onward!!!..........sans the cold...ugh....

22 March 2010

It's Official

Well, now it's official!

Wolf and I have officially started a farm.  The event that sealed the deal?  We brought home 11 Black Australorp Chicks!  And boy are they cute!  (We only have 10 now, one went to birdie heaven this morning.  Sadness.  Wolf took care of it...he's just awesome like that.)

I was a little freaked out when we first got them because they are so tiny and fragile.  I can't imagine myself not accidentally killing one, especially Bantams - sheesh!!  They made quite a fuss being moved from their warm incubator to a counting box and then a transport box. (Which, oddly enough had the name of the feed and seed store where we had thought of buying the chicks, but we didn't go when we found they were out of Australorps.)  They chirped quite loudly (read deafeningly) when we finally got into the car out of the rain. Oh, did I mention  it was pouring rain and that the stench of the chickens made my eyes burn.

I sat the delicate little things on my lap, trying not to grin like a possum eating saw brairs (read huge proud ridiculous grin), but after we got the heat going the little ones quieted down. So much so, I thought they might have died from cold.  But no, just being babies they were tired from the upheaval and fell asleep.

Remember Reaper?  The house-cat who thinks he should be an outdoor panther - or whatever other fantasy he has going on in his cat-brain. I was very afraid he was going to kill the chicks last night and wanted to lock him in his (very smelly - we think he's been urinating on the floor) cat bathroom.  However, Wolf said it would be better if we tested him and let him out.  Of course, this meant sleeping with our door open, jumping at every noise, and having to endure a 15 pound cat walking all over us. (Wolf doesn't mind, but I can't stand it.)

Amazingly, he left the chicks alone!  He seemed completely uninterested in their existence and only pokes his head in inquiringly when I go in the "chicken room" and stare at them for minutes on end.

Oh!  We had the lord and lady of the land over for dinner last night, along with their sons, the little lord and the littlest lord (Which was quite an experience with the littlest one - 2 years old - breaking wind throughout dinner!) and we had a great time grilling out hamburgers (read wolf torched them as fast as he could in the pouring rain).  

We showed them our newly gotten chicks and all of their eyes simply lit up.  They want to purchase 50 (yes 50) chickens, for god only knows what.  I'm assuming for eggs and meat, but really that seems like entirely too many for one family.  But what am I but a lowly discombobulated-sharcropping-farmer.  Oh well! 

On the brighter side, we now have a house for the chickens!  Wolf was seriously going to build something to house them, but the lord and lady of the land decided it would be too much trouble to move the "log house" for the littlest lord.  So now it's OURS!!!  It saves us a crap load of time and money in building a chicken coop, but now we only have 6 weeks to chickenize it (if that is even a word) and build them a run.

Fortunately, that's nearly two months, so we should be able to get our acts together and get everything done!

On a more strange note (as if this whole arrangement isn't a tad strange!), the lord of the land decided, just today, that he wanted to till the hell out of the earth right beside the water source on this part of the land.  He never mentioned anything about that, never told us about it, never put too words together about it.  So, I'm a little irritated to say the least.  I will get over it, but a little forewarning would have been nice.

Sorry.  I want to stab someone don't like it when people say one thing and do another.  Just get's under my skin like that.

Well, I'm off to check on the chicks and get dinner rolling!

Friend Making Monday

It's another Friend Making Monday,  so here we go:

1. Favorite things about Spring: The new flowers, longer days, and especially the warmth it brings.

2. What I'm doing for Spring Break: I moved to a farm! WOO!

3. Favorite Spring flower: Daffodils

4. Do you have a garden? Yes I do! 6x6 and more seeds on the way.

5. If so, what do you grow. Right now we are growing tomoatoes, peppers (hot and sweet), and basil.

6. Do you do Spring cleaning? It's still in the process!!! AH!

7. What is your weather *really* like right now? {Just b/c it's "officially" spring, doesn't mean that it feels like it for some of you}  It feels like fall!!

8. Snapped any weather related photos lately? Share one with us! 

9. What's your favorite thing to do on a sunny afternoon? Hike, explore, landscape, garden, visit, romp, and generally feel the sun in my face.

10. Favorite TV show right now? Heroes