09 April 2010

Chicken Fever

Oh dear.  I've got it bad the rash, the cold chills, the hacking...CHICKEN FEVER!!!

The Australorps are growing like WEEDS! Stop thinking of the show Weeds....ugh.  I showed them to lady of the land today.  She exclaimed, "Man! They're HUGE!"  They've quadrupled in size and have started growing their combs.  And boy, are they FAST.

See that blur?  Yeah, that's how fast they are!  They are worse than trying to catch hampsters!  But I must confess, I am completely in love with them.  They have started scratching, pecking, flying, and making a wider range of communicative noises.  Currently they seem to be making this really happy trill and it's just darling.

So, I'm completely addicted.  I am going to have to get some more and go a little more fancy this next go round.  If I can convince Wolf we should get even MORE chickens.  He wasn't entirely thrilled with 10, but one of the orgininal 11 died.  And there will be some cockrels (roosters under a year old) that we will have to cull or they will kill each other.  I will probably raise those for meat, though the lady of the land doesn't seem to keen on killing her own food.  I'm not gun-ho, but I don't want to go hungry either.  Ya, that'll be a fun post....

On a non death related note, here is the new chicken house....

TA-DA!  It was an old playhouse, but makes a charming chicken house!  I need to frame the window out, make a window covering, and paint the door, but as it is it will suffice.  It's a little plain at the moment. Not to mention manly.  But it will serve it's purpose well for now!

I am really about to die to get this chicken:

Buff Laced Polish

One bad-ass chick, mow-hawk and all!

Isn't is just adorable!!  They are so absolutely ridiculous looking that I'm in love! The description says they act a little wacky because their plumage is so big that they cannot see!  Reminds me of myself at times!  Dern Southern Hair!!

Mille Fleur d'Uccle Bantam
Hilarious, isn't it?

I just want to cuddle it to death!!!

This is the Mille Fleur or the thousand flower chicken.  It is the poodle of the chicken world!  Their description says they are friendly and tame, but that their plumage takes until after the first adult molt to come in.  I think they are gorgeous!!  

We shall see, gotta get out egg production up and running first!

~Pictures are from My Pet Chicken.!

08 April 2010


I ordered some seeds today from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds (yes, I am still drooling over the glorious color semi gloss catalog).  I am proud to say that I did not go over too much.  Just a little...only a little.  

Oh and just so you know, I've never grown anything other than petunis that were started by Wal-Mart.  K?

Anyway, I started my order with Chichiquelite Huckleberries.  Yes, Huckleberries.  Like Huck Fin.  (Actually a cool name...for a kid...hummm Wolf vehnemently disagrees...)  You can stop rolling in the floor now.  But wouldn't you want sweet, purple berries - without the 5 year wait of blueberries - right outside your doorstep?  Yeah, that's what I thought. 

Makes the blueberry look whimpy...doesn't it?

Next on the list we have, Naranjilla.  Yeah, I have NO idea how the hell that's pronounced.  If you do please let me know...  But the description is what nailed me, "A really unique fruit from the Andes; delicious sweet-and-sour taste, orange flavor."  Sounds a bit like sweet and sour chicken got spiked by orange chicken.  What also drew me in what the whole "nectar of the gods" and "the most delicious that I have tasted in the world."  Really?  Well jumpin-je-hose-afat, let's give her a whirl.  It could have been Mr. J de Santa Gertrudis Siera (poor fella nearly as bad as naming a kid Huck....) of 1760 hadn't been out of the parish yard, ever.  

But it's said to make delicious juice and a pretty potted plant.  I don't have any of those, so why not?

They look a bit...furry to me...

You have no idea what kind of self-restraint it took not to order every single last seed of these:

Yes, that's right PINK bananas.  I may have to splurge (some more) and order them anyway.  Man the farm kids would get a kick out of these!  

While holding myself back as much as possilbe, the Yellow Strawberry caught my eye and attention.  I adore ALL things strawberry.  And just think you can make strawberry pies, jam, jellies - YUM!  Those little buggers have YET to sprout and I had to seed them with TWEEZERS!!!

Obviously, I enjoy and appreciate unusal fruits and apparently the more the merrier!  I also order some "plain" (read cheap) okra, called Emerald.  I also ordered a TRUCKLOAD of herbs.  And yes, of course I ordered Echanacia!  Gotta stay happy!

07 April 2010

Chicken Pictures

Chickens: Black Australops

Week 1
Inside the brooder room

Chicks at two days old.
They're camera shy or just ignoring the heck out of me.

Black Beak.
Original name, isn't it?

Week 2
Inside the brooder room

Chicks at just under 2 weeks.
Whatchya lookin at?!

Week 3
Outside in brooder coop

This is Doc, the chicken.
This is only chicken that doesn't run for cover when I get near it.
I'm still completely unsure of its gender.

More to come as they grow!