16 April 2010

Wait. What?

So something strange, unusual and worthy of note happened today. Just now as a matter of fact.  Someone wanted to buy something from me!  One of my herbs!  I had no idea that people were being completely and utterly ripped off for organic, non-GMO, odd herbs.  And just think, I grew Milk Thistle for my dog!

Now, I don't expect to make a KILLING selling wormwood and yellow root, but if it covers the cost of my seeds, can I complain?

I don't want to get greedy, but I am curious!  However, I must admit that I will be sad to see the little plant go.  As well as some of our cockerels.   By the way, I took Wyatt (the OTHER big cockerel) out of the chicken coop to introduce him to Surgeon.  Who greeted him by licking him, something we are DEFINITELY going to have to work on.  But I try not to be too hard on the monster pup.  He's just curious.  As long as he does not become a killer, we're good.

I am wanting to send him to obedience school, but I am torn and wondering a little what the point is if he isn't going to be bred (I think we have may have decided against that or at least put the idea on hold as we cannot register him.).  I am thinking I would almost rather send him to be further trained as a livestock guardian.  It seems they cannot be both pet and guardian.  I wonder?

It's actually kind of funny.  If I chain him cringe  to where he can be close to the house he whines and wants to be closer, but if I can him to where he can only be near the chickens, he is quiet.  I wonder what that is saying?  Are we asking too much of him or is it easier for him to just be one thing?  Ack, I worry too much.  We need to get some goats in there with him, before I worry myself to death over him being lonely.  Which really shouldn't matter as they are an independent dog.....ack!

15 April 2010

Well, life has been buys here on It's Always Something Farms.  Which, by the way, I am searching for the perfect logo for our business cards...a smoking tractor with a farmer scratching his head (overalls and all) and maybe a chicken pecking at the wiring and a goat eating the tire.  Seems like too much to put on a card, but I am sure that I will simpify it and figure something out.

Over the last couple of days, we have been getting ready for planting and trying to firgure out what in the hell our vast majority of plants need.  Unfortunately, our tomatoes are struggling, our strawberries aren't sprouting, are peppers are growing like weeds, and I have no idea what the lavender is doing!  Well, it's doing nothing!

I gave my sister some "cilantro," only to figure out it was actually catnip! 

I could actually smell the basil today, I wanted to harvest it and eat it.  But I thought it would be best to leave it until it is a bit more mature and probably more delicious.

Oh! Gotta go turn the chicken's brooder lamp on! Crap!! was already on.  I must be straight up awesomeness or suffering from a slight case of overworked-ness.  I am going with the latter.  Being that awesome just seems to self-serving!  And I'm not feeling it....

Can you tell I planted whatever I was feeling like?

I'm worried about the non-growing Okra and Lavender...makes me a little sad.........If you have any tips or advice regarding okra, strawberries, lavender or anything garden PLEASE feel free to offer me some....I'm feeling really discombobulated over those little non-sprouts. 

But these make me happy!  Our crazy peppers and whatever else Wolf put in here, which I am not sure....which is why it will remain unlabled.  It suppose to be peppers, cucumbers (where exactly!?) and may be some tomotoes?

Your guess is as good as mine!!

In other non-plant farm chores (other than the "boring" ones - like cleaning the chicken coop and tilling the garden by hand), I've been busy painting.


One of my friends questioned my color choice.  Well, it was either barn door red, black, or purple.  And since I wanted it to look rather cheery, I went with "Va Va Voom," which actually goes on rather pink!  That was frightening!  (Ya, I know just ignore the temporarily chained puppy.  We got him a bit unexpectedly and haven't put a fence up yet.  It's not permanent! Still it makes me a little sad!)  Now, I just have to frame and possibly paint the window and make a shudder for it, so I can put that beat up old shower curtain to ANOTHER good a garbage can liner.

Now to go attack Mount Laundry!

14 April 2010

Cesar Millan: his dog, and his critics - Kc dog blog | Dog Time - Dog Blog Network

Interesting article re Cesar Millan. I use his techniques on more assertive and dominate dogs. I initially used them on Surgeon and still do on my pushy Jack Chi, Rowdy, but usually as a last resort.

Either way, it's worth a read.

Cesar Millan: his dog, and his critics - Kc dog blog | Dog Time
- Dog Blog Network

13 April 2010

Surgeon the Monster Puppy

Wolf and I have been looking for an Anatolian Shepherd every since we decided we really wanted to live on a farm.  Oh sure, we looking into Great Pyrenees, Bermes Mountain Dogs, Sheep Dogs, and a whole list of guard dogs, but we kept coming back to the gentle, calm Anatolian.

Well, we finally found a pup (because we didn't want an older dog to go after our small dogs or chickens) and a reputable breeder!  This is our new Anatolian, Surgeon!

Dontchya just wanna cuddle him to pieces?
Which is really easy to do since he's all teddy bear like!

Just two years ago, I got my first dog Rowdy.  She was really an experience for me.  Rowdy is wild, pushy, domineering, and to be honest probably a very wrong first dog for me.  I prefer a calm lay at your feet type dog - she isn't.  So this is my 3 dog (4th because my cat ACTS like a dog - he even comes when called!), and he is so very different from my hyperactive indoor dogs.

He emits a calming presence when you get near him, he is sweet and gentle.  He does not jump up and think he's licked me twice.  Surgeon has human eyes and a tolerant and caring personality.  I could not have created a more perfect dog.  I think I'm in love.

Just to give you an idea of his size....

Just ignore all my farm mess in the background there! UGH!

That is our FULL GROWN 2 year old Jack Chi is laying next to and if you read doggy behavior submitting.  Can you tell she isn't too happy about the new addition.  Ya, I wont post the pictures of her repeatedly showing her teeth to him.  But that's how she is, bitchy.

Look at that FACE!!!

Makes me want to sleep next to him at night.  And what's funny is that is how he will look his entire life...except much much bigger.  

Yep, I'm definitely in loooooooove!