24 April 2010

A Day on the Farm

11am : Wake-up
11.10am: Get up and find some clothes, sorting through the huge amount of unfolded but clean laundry. (I seem to be able to and enjoy the act of washing and drying clothes.  It's the folding them and putting them away part that I hate.)
11.30: Feed Reaper, Remmy, Rowdy, Surgeon in that order and the chickens if they need food.
12pm: Eat something semi-healthy and breakfasty, while catching up on my emails
1pm: Pack a lunch for Wolf
2pm: Say good buy to Wolf and see him off to work.
3pm: Check email again and wonder where all the stuff I ordered for the farm is going to arrive.  Check mail again and work with Rowdy on her off leash commands.
3.30pm: Water the herbs, check the melon garden to make sure it isn't destroyed. Check the octagon garden to make sure Rowdy hasn't pulled up any plants.  Check the random garden to see how much room we have left.  Water the Octogan and Random gardens.
4pm: Dream about goats, fencing, and an herb business
5pm: Gather supplies to plan, wonder if the Lord and Lady are home
5:10: Sit with chickens
5:40pm: Feed Surgeon again.
5:43pm: Walk Surgeon
6pm: Plant seeds like my butt is on FIRE.
6.30pm: Collapse in a tired heap on the couch.
7pm: Start on my school work
8pm: Work frantically
9.30pm: Start cooking dinner
11pm: Finish cooking dinner
11:30pm: Serve dinner and giggle as Wolf's eyes grow large with happiness and wonder.YAY!
12:00am: Put the left oversaway
12:30am: Chat with Wolf
1am: Relax, surf the net, catch up on blogs, play Sims2
2pm: Double check dead-lines for school, read, and relax.

23 April 2010

Planting Fools

So this week I've been feeling ultra lay on the couch and stare into nothingness and worry about random things tired.  But then I remembered my "special" Aunt was visiting and since I haven't "seen" her in like 6 months I had completely forgotten our "relationship."  Anyway, I figured out the source of my tiredness.

And, oh yeah, that I have been planting for 5 days straight.  Not that I mind.  I love it!  I get in the garden and take my dirt trappers (Crocs) off and just wade around in the gardens barefooted.  It took a day to prepare the garden, two days to plant the melon garden -which has 50 seeds in it! Yeah, I don't know what the H I was thinking...I am going to be setting up my own personal melon stand by the road just to get rid of these things! 

I've actually been SO busy planting this week that I don't even feel bad about not doing the Wii Fit!  That seems like pie compared to the hauling, traipsing, and digging I've been doing!  But I really can't complain too much, dear patient reader, we both know that I am loving every single dirt and sun filled minute of it.  Wolf complemented me today on how well I've been running things (He has a class for work in which they are doing some volunteer work, which causes him to be away from home twice a week for 16 hours.  He also works second shift, so he really can't water the plants at dusk.  So it's up to me!) and said that he could actually see me doing this for the rest of my life.  That this is my niche.

I've been feeling that way for a while now, I just hope I can drum up the gusto to keep trucking through my Master's degree.  Part of me wants to try that arena out, but the realistic part of me knows that just isn't me...all yardstick swinging...  I love to learn, but sometimes I wonder do I really want to work under someone else rules?  This has been the delema for most of my after college life...

As usual, I digress....

So, I need to get some chick pics up.  I've decided on which cockerel I am keeping, Erp of course (ER-ER-ER-EEEEEEERP!)  And the others we are going to free range, which makes me nervous.  The Lord and Lady of the Land have two large dogs....that like chicken.  I am hoping that if we feed the cockerels in the growing melon gardens or just close to home, that they will not wander far.  I plan on leg banding them with the plastic spiral type.  I am thinking I can slip the adult size on over their toes and it will stay in place.  I know there will be a ridiculous amount of pecking, I just hope no enough to draw blood.  I will just have to try it and see.

We are definitely adding keets (baby guinea hens) in June.  I just contacted a local breeder today and put in an order.  Oddly, the are coming from the same area we got Surgeon.  I look forward to their de-ticking properties.  Which are ridiculous around here....  I am going to rear them inside and then put them in with the chickens...I hope the do all right.  They should be okay, the hens will just have started laying at that time

I am most excited about goats.  I have been ever since I saw my sister-in-laws farm for the first time.  When I went to her farm, I'd never even been close to a goat.  I took formal riding lessons as a pre-teen, but my parents never went to the Fair or anything like that.  She has Dwarf goats and they are cute!  But I have fallen in love with La Manchas.  Wolf and I will have the fence for them up in a couple of weeks and after we get everything set up, have the goats in their a few weeks later.

Speaking of which, I took Surgeon to meet the Lord of the Land's Alpine whether today.  This goat is HUGE!  He's even scared Wolf running around.  Rowdy loves to play with him.  Surgeon just growled and eye balled him.  I did an alpha roll, like a mother dog would do, to tell him "No!  That is not the correct behavior!!!"  He caught on fast, but still look warily at the goat.  It could have also been that I took him to a new part of the farm.  I just hope at 5 months old, he does decide to chew on our new milk goats.

That would be very very bad...

18 April 2010

Rock Gardens?

Wolf and I had a VERY busy day here on the farm!  It seems like our weekend are gone in a flash, where as we use to laze around and do nearly nothing at our house.  But that was back when we lived in the Tash Mahal, and were fat and unhappy. Funny how moving to a farm and digging in the ground completely reversed that entire situation.

We have 3 gardens, and I don't mean a nice 3 by 3 raised bed.  Our melon garden is 24 x 12, our tomato garden is 8 x 9 and our random garden is 3 x 24.  Yeah, we did an ass load of work. 

We started by borrowing the tiller from the Lord of the Land (who borrows it from the pig farmer next door) and we headed off to the melon garden.  Wolf was happily tilling along and had about two rows done of the gargantian garden, when he stopped.  Silly me, I thought we'd run out of gas.  No, we were fueled to the brim...but one of the tines (you know those rotating bits that actually break the ground up) fell OFF.  Which left me standing there staring at Wolf completely dumb founded. 

So here comes the Lord of the land and me being me, I hide. Not to mention I had on a super tight ultra low top because I was trying to get my skin to turn from snow to pink, or yellow even...I'd take yellow.    I quietly duck behind the chicken coop and continue to place rocks around the frame we built for the run.

(Oh yeah, we built a frame for the run in like an hour...we usually don't achieve things so speedily.  Like the compost barrel that has been in the works for the last 2 months. We'd better either get some more buckets, make a compost barrel, or a compost corral my chit bucket is getting FULL. Which is not a good thing when rotten leftovers and last months moldy fruit peel start spilling out of the bucket...)

Anyway... so I am hiding my exposed self behind the coop and here them saying man-things about a sheared bolt.  I can only wonder How the HELL did that happen?  Then I look at the ground and the rocks in my hand and think Oh...

Lord of the land quickly helps Wolf get a new bolt, laughs and says its no big deal.  Then we are right back to tilling.  Tilling is normally a one man job, but not in our gardens.  My job, as the one who is freaking afraid of crazy-ass loud jumping around machinery  is to pick up rocks.  Glad I have that college degree!  I was picking rocks out of that garden like they were potatoes!  There were TONS of them.  And every single time the tiller hit one, I'd cringe...waiting for sparks, flying tines, or loss of limbs....

You see, dear readers, we live in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  And we found why the Mountains has become so small...all the rocks and erosion and years of wear had all fallen IN OUR GARDEN.  We probably took at least 100 rocks out of the soil.  And my back let me know it.  Lord, shit is just different after 25...things...move...