06 May 2010

Chicken Run

Apparently there is a current lull in our work here at the farm.  And there really isn't I'm just undecisive and lazy about a few I could be planing the rest of th herb garden, folding laundry, cleaning up a huge pile of dishes, throwing out bad frosting, taking out the trash, feeing the chickens... well, you get the picture.

I noticed too, that if I don't talk about SOME of my personal life here, then this just becomes a list of all the crap I'm going.  In essence, I become a braggart.  Which, is by all means a bit bad.  But really don't you have to bo sort of brag-ish to continue writing a blog?  Ah, a question for another day!!!

This morning, after reading the list of "this is what idiots should not feed chickens" list.  I broke out some grapes (which I've inadvertantly been hogging, cause I haven't see Wolf eat any) and took them out to the chickens.  Keep in mind they usually only get dry foods and have an OBSESSION for bread.  I walk around to the back of the fence so I can kneel down without being mauled my Monster Puppy and feed the chickens their treat of grapes.  Naturally, at first they were all very excited and pacing the fence thinking I had bread.  But when I popped a grape in, of course Earp (our rooster in command) "stole" the first one and began a game of chicken keep away.

He was the first to stare me down, the first to escape, the first to sit on my shoulder.  He's watchfully pacing up and down the chick run as I type.  I am hoping he will be an excellent rooster.  Not overzealous with the hens, but not lady either.  I suppose only time will really tell.

It's funny to watch them running up and down their new outdoor run with their new found "prize."  They run inside the coop trying to find a secure place and then back outside to get away from those chicks who have discovered them with their prize and are trying to take it away.  They still chirp like baby chicks, though each day I hear their voices getting hoarse.  They are fully feathered now and look like miniature versions of their adult selves.  I miss their fluffy black and yellow bodies, sleepy chick eyes, and quiet peeping in our house.

But I'm glad they can now 'stand on their own two feet' and don't need the helping warmth of the brooder light.  I'm also glad we are getting guineas and ducks next month.  That will be a busy month...ducks, guineas, goats.  I swear we should have called this place Noah's Ark Farm, but I like our actual name better.  Makes us sound a little less like religious nuts.

Gah it's hot and I think I may be a little dehydrated.  Time for a nap in our cool new AC!!

05 May 2010

So what do chickens eat anyway?

BackYardChickens - Raise Chickens, Build a Chicken Coop, Hatch Eggs

Bumblina the Blender Brain

So lately, I've been thinking about the future.  What, YOU think a-ahead!!!  Yes, folks.  I think ahead....all. the. time.  Actually, in a distracting I'm not living on this earth kind of way...hum. 

And by future, I really mean babies.  Yes. That is right. I am veering off the farm bath and taking us right down baby lane.  Well, the cute non-medical parts of it anyway.  I'm not ready for the under bell of it yet!

I've been reading all about cloth diapers, breast feeding, co-sleeping, circumcision (I have a random/interesting/sad story about that), home birthing, hospital birthing, pregnancy, mind is endlessly devouring all that it can regarding pregnancy and birth.

And no, I'm not pregnant, but we do have a timeline now, which makes me VERY happy. Also, did you know some adoption agencies won't let you adopt after your 44!

Ah, yeah....Wolf is my elder, by many years.  14 actually.  I know, he so does not look it. *grin*

Anyway, I think that is a bit discriminatory....saying you can't adopt after a certain age.  I wonder if they would bend the rules or if it is hard and fast.

I get on this train of thought about twice a year.  I do really want a family and I know my time is running short.  I want 4 kids, but how can that happen after I'm 30....unless I had two set of twins.   Anyway, these thoughts have been bumbling around my brain.  And I really don't have room for them right now.  I'm hoping it's just a spring thing or all these baby animals coming to the farm.

OH! We ARE getting DUCKS!  We're going to put them in with the guineas.  Wolf and I saw a handful of them at our local farm supply store, but I don't know what was up with me.  I didn't even bother to ask how much they were...when just weeks before I was threatening if we saw them in Tractor Supply I was going to snatch them up...immediately. 

Ya, I'm a little crazified like that....

02 May 2010

Foto Upate

And now, for some picture updates: *loud excessive non-exsistant cheering*

Surge at 16 weeks.

Earp at 5 weeks.

Rowdy after her spay.
Ya. Trama.

I am not a chew toy!!!

We finished the coop up on Thursday (of last week - ya, I know I've been a rather lazy blogger.  I kind of got the feeling that I was getting all whiney, bistchy, and listy....and I thought "That's a really boring read!" So, I waited out the whine, bitsch, and list and now, hopefully I'm back onto story time. It's really difficult not to be listy when we have a donkey ass-load of projects going on around here....) and I debated if Surgeon should be allowed the length of his lead to sufficiently guard the chickens or if he should take some time to get use to them. 

 I went against my better judgement and let him have the ENTIRE length of his lead.

That was one VERY stressful couple of hours for me! I think I made my throat sore from correcting the dog so much (which we do by "growling" at him. *clears throat* *best growly voice*  BAAAAAAAAAA!!! It sounds like I have sheep Turrets (sorry, folks with Turrets - it's not a nice thing to have and I really mean no harm..   I really don't.  Really.  What?  It's just a freaking ANALOGY!) Whatever, it freaking WORKS!!!)

I have protected my future egg layers and chicken breast, thighs, wings, and legs from our sneaky ass cat, curious dogs, the weather, and now monster puppy.  *drool* mmm fried homegrown chicken....

I curled up with my lap top to keep an eye on things and it quickly became clear that I wasn't going to get ANY work done.  Every time I looked up he was playfully running after them --scaring the crap out of them-- pawing at the fence/chewing the fence/doing cute puppy lunges --which he just couldn't understand why the fence was in his way-- and generally just being a puppy.

I was in a sore mood and I'm afraid I over handled him.  I would growl at him from the couch and when he seemed extremely over-enthusiastic I would go out there and growl and alpha roll him.  

Yes, Cesar Milan has invaded my life.  damnit. 

But with a dog THIS BIG (holds a semi-shaky level hand to about my waist.  Most people have not idea what an Anatolian Shepherd is.  So, I have to go into a long explanation and answer "Well, how big will he be?"  And I always feel a bit self conscious and silly when I hold a hand up to the top of my thigh or at my waist....because I'm 5.10 and  3/4.  That's right FRACTIONS.  Besides, I am SO. NOT. AN. ATTENTION. WHORE. NO.NO.NO!  Now, back to your regularly scheduled anxiety, paranoia, and general nervousness.) I am unsure of what else to do, since he has no idea what the word NO means!  He seemed to get the message.  Meanwhile, I felt like a complete ass and an abusive dog parent.  But hey, no one touches my freaking dinner!

Surgeon is coming along nicely, though I am sad to say I may have to put a stop to his puppy play with me.  That shit hurts!  I am afraid, not of him, but that as he gets bigger his play will only get more rough and I will walk away with more scratches and irritation.  I will simply have to stop.  I am not a chew toy.