27 October 2010

Who knew, a prude!

Dear Readers,

Specifically all you goat folks out there -

This is my very first breeding season and I am REALLY excited.  Now, to take away from me sounding like a complete  newbie, I have assisted with kidding in the past at my sis-in law's farm (and if she had a website, I'd put a shameless plug for it right here for her at Red Hill Farm).  But, assisting with kidding and breeding your goat are two compeletly different ventures.

Being the inquisitive and researching individual I am, I asked around about the signs of a goat in heat: bleating for no reason, squatting, tail flagging, mounting other goats, pawing, and discharge.  I felt pretty well prepared and well versed in what to look for and was sure that if I kept a moderate watch on her that I would easily know that she was ready to breed.

That simply wasn't the case.  LaLa didn't bleat annoyingly and drive me mad, she didn't flag her tail, squat repeatedly and not pee, mount other fact she has been a down right PRUE about when she is ready to breed.

Thinking I'd missed it I began looking at her "parts" to make sure I wasn't loosing my mind and after about 10 days observation.  I SAW she was in heat.  Sneaky.  She had some mild, I mean MILD swelling, and mild discharge.  She pawed at the doe kid some, but that was it!  I was pleasantly surprised to find she was not a loud mouthed...horny female goat.

Now, I just gotta keep my eyes glued on her you-know-what so I don't miss her next heat.  According to my handy breeding calculator and spreadsheet, she should come back in November 11th.  I hope not to miss it this time!

Worldless Wenesday - A comparision

Question of the season: is she pregnant?

Anica when we first got her.

Anica as of October.

25 October 2010

A Note from Wolf

With Surge's pen cozy and secure, harmony abounds on the farm.

Until.....*pause* you're a.....(what is that call youself....)  Jen's favotire guinea (aka the wife and that sure is hell ain't how you spell favorite.....) uh decided the safe solitude of the Surgeon free pasture just wasn't enough adventure and decided to visit 'THE BEAST.'

Ultimately and quickly, ending up as a limp unbreathing mass of half eaten feathers. (sadness)  The idiotic bird accosted and sharply used as teaching tool to deterr Surgeon continued actions.

So the die has been set the next lonely or otherwise adventerous fowl that feels the need to end it all will become his necklace.

the end

(thank you)