09 February 2011

That time of year again -- SPRING!!

Dear Readers,

Well, it's that time of year again.  Allright, allright...ALMOST that time of year again. Springtime!

Can't you just imagine it now?  Warm weather, new chicks, new lambs, new kids, new baby bunnies.  New growth on the trees and another new shot at a season of farming.

Personally, I really hate spring. 

Now, don't get me wrong, I really like all of those new creatures running around and stealing my soul, but I get hayfever (yes, I know.  a farmer with hayfever....God has a mighty wicked sense of humor) something fierce.  The whole snotty nine-yards too.

That however, is not why I am writing today.

We are ordering 25 chicks!

Understand that besides planting seedlings in the middle of winter this, by far, is my next favorite thing to do.  And I have for so very long wanted to order some dibs through the mail!  I really hope my stupid little post office doesn't close at some insanely early --after their two hour lunch break-- hour thus making it impossible for me to get my chicks and probably leading to their eventual death!

Optimistic, aren't I?

It just makes me nervous that they will be put in a box and SHIPPED to us.  Jostled, bumped, and not have food or water...  But I will be ready.

We are ordering:

Light Brahma (8 females & 2 males):

I bought a trio of these from a couple down the road from us.  I thought they were pretty and that was it.  But boy, have they really changed my ideas.  My Brahma girls come to the coop door to greet me every single day and I do not doubt they would eat from my hand if I had something to tempt them.  They are incredibly sweet, good layers, and look at the size of the roo -- YUM!!

Speckled Sussexes (straight run):

I adore the random black and white pattern overtop of the red feathers.  To me, they are so beautiful.  Sussexes are also said to be good broody mothers.  But we all know nothing tops a broody silkie.
Silver Laced Wydonettes (straight run)

When I first saw these at the state fair, I was (and still am) very impressed by their striking colors.  I was happy to read they are gentle.  I look forward to having them.

Have you caught on to my theme yet?