09 April 2011


Dear Readers,

We have some absolutely wonderful news to share - we're pregnant!  That's right, we are expecting our first baby this November.  We are completely overjoyed at this news.

Now, I bet you are thinking I have my work cut out for me out the farm don't you?  Well, this is where things are bitter sweet for us.  We are selling all of our livestock and most of our new chicks too.  Sad isn't it, but really, I think full sized goats are too much for me - especially right now.  We are currently looking for a few more buyers, but luckily have found one for one of the sheep already.

We are keeping our two wonderful Anatolians.  Surge has infact begun INSISTING on residing indoors with me.  Perhaps he senses that I need extra protection, either way, I'm happy to have the big guy by my side for the duration.

Wolf and I are diligently looking for the perfect new suburban home to move to; we are so enamoured with all the modern conviences!  But it will be a little sad to give up the "frontieer life," but I am almost certain we will see it again someday sooner than we think