25 February 2011

Top Hat

At the last moment, when we ordered our chicks two weeks ago (man time flies!), we added two new breeds:

Black Giants - Wolf's choice

Silver Laced Polish - my choice

Can you all tell that I am a bit monochromatic obsessed!?

A Farming We Shall Go!

Dear Readers,

I love farming.  I love the sun on my face, the dirt between my toes, the smells of my animals, the affection they offer daily, and the new babies being born.  I enjoy everything about this life.  Knowing that my animals are reared under a kind hand, fed wonderfully, kept in great health, and looked after with care.  I enjoy picking my own tomatoes from seeds that I started and eating them on a sandwich with homemade bread.

However, what I do not like is farming on someone else's land.

There is nothing worse for me as a farmer than being told "you can't."  And it seems the longer we are on the Lord and Lady's property the more rules they come up with. An example:  We erected a fence about a year ago, shortly after we got Surge home.  Now, Wolf and I are being told that we need to move the fence 8 feet off the property line.  Gee? You think you cold us that 12 months ago?

I also find it very frustrating to not be able to plant an orchard or work this rocky soil into a rich brown nutrient rich soil that is an absolute joy to farm.  Everything we do to this land, this house, their farm is nothing that we benefit from.

I guess Wolf and I are to the point that we have just out grown this place.  It was a good start for suburbanites to learn a thing or two about farming, but the environment wasn't really conducive to learning.  We were pretty much left to our own.

So, to remedy this problem Wolf and I are looking at land in surrounding counties with or without a house.  Preferably with a fixer-upper - that way I can have cabinets, counter tops, and sinks that are MY height.  I'm no small bean at 5'11" bare foot.

We are going to take a tentative gander at some rolling property tomorrow with a sad little shack of a house tomorrow afternoon.  Is it strange that I would prefer that my animals have wonderful pasture to graze on while I live in a tent?  I am sure that it seems backward to some people.

I am trying not to stake my heart on it.  Trying not to get my hopes too high.  But honestly, I can tell you, that I want this to happen so bad I can smell the farm there!

Wish us luck!