18 March 2011


Dear Readers,

So much is changing here at the farm!

Eleanore is getting bigger by the day, CJ is turning into a sleek adult, and our chicks are about to fly out of their inside brooders!  And I am a more seasoned knowledgable farmer.  Knowing this year how much hay to buy, which wormers are best for me and have a definate plan in mind that suits our needs and meets the desires of our surrounding community.

I recently re-tested Surge with the livestock, but I think at best for now, he may only be a perimeter guardian.  He showed little interest in chasing any of the stock, but he IMMEDIATELY went after a chicken. However, he immediately responded to my thunderous NOOOO!!!!  I can clearly see the errors we made with him, including leaving him to play with the stock whenever he felt like it without supervision.  He is calming down and is turning into a HUGE beautiful guardian.

On the down side, we may be pausing the farm for a few years.  Now none of this is defiante, but we need to get out of our current housing situation as the tension between us and our former co-opers/landlord have escalated to the point where drop-in visits are no longer acceptable and various items have gone missing from around our house.  It just makes me wonder what's next?  Will he harm our stock?  Our dogs?  Let someone loose because he feels the land is being "mistreated" by the animals?  Either way, we are praying we find something where all of our fur babies can have a home too.

I would be crushed if we had to sell Anica, Eleanore, and CJ.

It looks like we will also be building three new coops or 2 and one that is split.  I am focusing on raising silkies and Polish, while Wolf has started focusing on meat breeds.  After being attacked repeatedly by BOTH of our remaining Australorp roosters, I can safely say males of that breed are no longer my favorite and they are both destined for the pot!  "I hate a floggin' rooster!"